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Is paid traffic lead generation for everyone? No!
Some businesses, markets or types of customers are not accessible through paid traffic advertising. Some businesses see an immediate return and are able to make paid traffic their number one way of getting new clients.
Unfortunately - most digital agencies don't know how their services will work for you. Or worse, they are willing to let YOU take the risk for finding out, while they happily collect 6-12 months of retainer fees.
We do it differently here at Expert Engines.
Our Power Prospecting Report uses our proven methodology to determine how profitable PPC can be for your firm before you spend a dollar on ad budget. We use REAL data from your specific situation to find out the following:
  1. What the real competition in your city is spending on ads today and historically - and how much they are likely to be making
  2. Real, honest-to-goodness cost per call estimates based on real data from google and our database
  3. An analysis of advertising opportunities on 5 levels: Economic, Keyword, Ad, Conversion, and Optimization
  4. Return on Investment benchmarks for your first month (and beyond)
  5. Top suggestions to your existing adwords account if you are an existing advertiser


And the most important result of all: our iron-clad 100% money back guarantee on services for those that qualify.
Yes - we believe in our results so strongly that if you can make money on a campaign with us, we will take 100% of the risk on our services.
Google currently recommends a minimum $3000 budget to get the same conclusion, but we are offering this thorough analysis from our top PPC strategists for just $299. If you decide to work with us, this amount will be credited to your first payment.
Space is limited as this is an extremely time-intensive offering, so please sign up today or join or waitlist.


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